Size (suitable for)/weight/WxLxH

XS (90cm-, -35kg)


M (-180cm, -100kg)


L (-135kg)


XS $5450, M $4800, L $5000 (+GST)

XS includes a plain pedal set + a rear assist stick + an arm rest pad.

Price as of June 2018, in NZD.



seat belt $0

allen key $0

assistive stick $340

higher handle sets $200

chest belt + slits on back rest $40

front bar system $1000

leg strap $55

Crotch belt $120

triangle cushion $TBC

Pedal heel shaping $TBC 

Longening pedal straps $TBC

additional pedal straps $TBC

short pedal crank set $TBC

Wheel-pedal disengage system $TBC

Individual adjustment (Lower steering unit, special steering system etc) $TBD



Trial is free

Don't wonder. Let's try. for arranging trials

-otherwise, see you at our meet-ups.

Exercise on COGY with Koko

1 hour sessions,

at the place where suits you, indoor/outdoor ($TBC)

FREE until Koko has enough



weekends(3 days for $150+GST), holidays, long term etc.


021-0293-5242(NZ)  02-8005-1384(AU)   Auckland, New Zealand

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