Hobsonville point Runway Challenge

May 20, 2018

Team COGY participated into Runway Challenge (3,5,10km fun-run/walk cross country), for 3km.

Lance (had a stroke about 15 years ago) and Koko.




Weather was beautiful as you can see on the photos.

The venue was already full of entertainment. Smell of burgers, ice-cream van, music.  We enjoyed the event even before we pedal the course.


Starting point of the course is Hobsonville Point Primary School. We pedalled down to Bomb point walkway from there. There were road work point, but event organiser arranged a mat to make the course easier for us all, then we did not have to straggle much. thank you.


After pedalling down the long slope, her we go, we see gravel. This is why we call this event "Cross Country". COGY is not very good with gravel. but we made it, thanks to some stranger's help (little push from behind. Thank you!!). After about 50m, there was a water station before people go into grass area, which was extremely muddy from the heavy rain from the night before! We decided to "long-cut" the grass area and pedal around the gravel which surrounds the grass area. 




View from the course was very pretty. we were out of 3km event course, but it is actually ON 5km event course. Some people runlets us. They are doing the second lap for 10km. Wow. But they also Wowed to us, on funny pedal chair.



Water view made us very much relaxed. The bomb shelter appears occasionally and I enjoyed the echo effect every time we passed them.

We talked about history, geography, life, nature, blue-sky etc. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning!!


When we started to feel slightly tired, we saw the water station again. Yes, we have done the circle. Let's go back to the base. Now we have to pedal up the slope, which was pleasant pedalling down 30 mins ago.. But actually, now after all the pedalling on gravel, this pedalling up on the sealed walkway was like a heaven, according to Lance (Koko was still not super happy with up-hill..)


We came back to the school. We see the finish gate. After finishing, the boys probably from Airforce gave us medals. For Lance, it was first time after 20 years to get a finishing medal for run/walk event. How nice it is!!




It was extremely enjoyable event. We'll do this again, next year!

Who's in?



By the way, I would like to say, huge thanks to Lions Club.

This event is organised by Henderson Lions Club.

but the staff member who helped us are form all over Auckland including Papakura. and they are all friendly and polite, helpful.


What I was surprised was, all the staff member were aware of team COGY and were sure with the instruction they are supposed to give us.

I emailed them 2 days before the event, to let them know that 2 of the pedal-wheelchair will be there, and we will be capable to look after us (because Koko does not have walking condition), so that they won't be surprised. Now I even feel bad for all these extra work they've done for us.


First, we were told to start 5 mins before other people to avoid the crazy traffic. and ALL the staff member knew that. We were also advised to take the "long-cut" course instead of going on the grass. All the marshals were aware of this and gave us right instruction. I really appreciate. This is not easy.




I really recommend this event to you, especially if you live in West auckland area. Let's do this together in 2019!




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