Difference from stationary bike (1)

July 3, 2018

Kevin had stroke 3 years ago. He tried COGY today. He has stationary bike at home to practice every day. Then I (Koko) was actually not expecting much surprise. But there was a surprise.


"On this (COGY), my left leg is engaging much better than on stationary bike."


There is a report regarding how much users' muscle of the paralysed legs are activated, with EMG (electro myogram) data. But I have not come up with the report comparing with stationary bikes. Therefore, I wasn't quite sure with COGY's advantage compared to stationary bikes.


My legs are fully functioning. There are so many things we, with fully functioning legs, cannot tell. This is why I (Koko) want people with walking difficulties to try out COGY, regardless of the possibility of purchase. 


Please, be nosy and talk to us whenever you see COGY.




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