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July 31, 2018

We are going to organise COGY Clubs.





Express your interest. We will be good to go when it reaches 10 people. Anyone with walking difficulties can join, after individual COGY-instruction session (free of charge). We will have a venue to store COGY, and where someone is always there to assist us getting on/off COGY. (Suggestion and offer of the venue is most welcome!!) We go there anytime we want and use COGY.


Membership fee will be about $20-40/month. Other cost will be covered by funds/grants from local government, charity body etc. (Offer of your financial help is deeply appreciated, thank you!!) We aim to start later this year, just before the summer.


Don’t worry if you are far away from Auckland. Koko will help you organise your local COGY club. Flick her an email to

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