Round the Bays, Tips 01

February 20, 2019

This article is a message to members of team COGY.






The day is coming in a week!!

Let's be ready.


event day, schedule summary


We recommend not to plan anything else, till earliest about 5pm on the day.


What to prepare: 

-drink bottle

-spare T shirt (for getting changed into after the walk)




9.00: Meeting

Meet at Countdown supermarket (parking) on Quay street. Find COGYs tied to bike rack.

-T shirt, Bib number (please put the bib number in front of your T shirt, not the back)

-bag drop (for dry cloth, extra food etc, whatever you don’t want to carry on the way) (if you don’t know what to do, don’t worry, Koko’ll assist you.)


9.30: Start

-enjoy the walk, and entertainment on the course.

-smile for any cameras


11.30-12.00-ish: Finish

-find our support crew with yellow T shirt, for cold water and celebration food.

-Those with Koko’s COGY, please tie up your COGY using the number key provided, and take a photo so that it will be easier for me to find and recover.

-preferably, please leave the COGY T shirt to Koko (so that we don’t have to arrange another day to meet for T shirt) 

(Then, you’d better have another T shirt to get changed into)

(please remember to keep the bib, for shuttle bus service)


After the event: 

We can take a free shuttle bus to Britomart (you will need race bib for this service).

In case of not being able to use shuttle bus, team COGY support crew will arrange lifts.


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