Dunedin and Koko

March 30, 2019

We know there are many hills in Dunedin, and they are steep. I was almost shocked to see the reality, after visiting Christchurch and Invercargill. There is no flat more than 2 blocks! (in the central city)  Of course, there are flat area called South Dunedin, though.


I think I quite like Dunedin. Some people warned me (Asian), “there are more racism in South”. What I found through my own eyes are opposite. In Dunedin, there are not much bad effects of Asian immigrant, compared to Auckland, I think. Whenever I visit organisation etc in Auckland, the first look they give me is “get out of here, you dodgy sales person”. In Dunedin, I didn’t experience this almost at all. They were rather curious on me and very kindly helped me anytime.




Supermarket staff are also not too tired, like in Auckland. They are genuinely friendly. University students are quite pure, instead of overly confident. “Humble” “calm” “neutral”, probably these are the words for what I found in Dunedin. I reckon this is because people were not hurt as much, then be able to kind to each other, giving to each other.


I heard lots of bagpipes during my stay. On Thursday evening, people were playing group bagpipe everywhere. On the next morning when I visited “sports otago” to Logan park, I knew the reason. There was a huge bagpipe competition going on, and from primary schools to community groups, all ages from all over the area (Otago?) were there. By the way, bagpipe was still energetic on Saturday. There was a parade in the city centre. Traffic was blocked and many people were in the City to watch the parade.


The town itself looks like Europe, for my eyes, than New Zealand. Probably because of many old buildings. By the way, old buildings are so hard to approach with wheelchairs. Christchurch may used to be similar before the earthquake. But now most of the buildings are newly built, with completely wheelchair accessible equipments in Christchurch. 


Otago University was impressive for some reason, too. I’m from Japan. When I went to University of Tokyo as a tourist, “I see, this is why everyone wants to study at this Uni” was my finding, just from the atmosphere. Quiet and calm, positive and energetic. I don’t mind living in Dunedin if I were to study at Uni.


On the final day of my stay, I drove Roslyn area. For some reason, I really liked the area. It reminded me of a town somewhere in the world. I still cannot remember which town, though. Very hilly, winding roads, houses quite densely built, but not too close. and I saw some bright atmosphere. It could have been just because of the fresh sunshine, or not. I look forward to the next time of my visit and would like to see how I feel then.

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