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September 11th

On 11th of September 2001, something changed inside me forever.

In the morning the tragedy happened, I was shocked. I thought, nobody will work nor study nor anything that day. We should think, discuss, why it happened, how we can do better from today etc. I felt very sorry for our ancestors that this cruel tragedy happened when I was on this planet. When we read about the old days, we say “oh no, I’m glad I live in the 21st century. People back then were very cruel.” On 11 sep 2001, I was shocked to know I was living the same decades with these cruel people who caused the hijacks. I could not stop these people from doing this. I am one of the Earth residents who let this situation happen.

Anyway, I went to work so that I could discuss with workmates.

But, no one shared these thoughts with me. I was shocked again, to everyone’s indifference. They just say, “it’s scary to think if I were there..”. They even laughed at me. No-one understood me. Some said “who do you think you are? Do you think you are in the position to control the world? Do you think you are special?”. 

That was eye opening. Since then, I kept on trying my best to do my part. I’m not rich, I don’t have power. but there must be something I have to do, because it’s (almost) only me who sees it.

On 11th March 2011, another tragedy happened. This time, it was natural disaster. Many people raised fund towards their recovery. We had many donation boxes, everywhere.

I thought, how much I shall donate. I am on low income, being financially supported

from the government. Am I supposed to be donating to someone other than myself? What is the best thing I can do for them?

I could not think anything practical. I decided, I have to live my very best. I decided that’s the best way I can contribute. Anyway else is not as efficient. I still don’t know what “my very best” is. At least, I am a person of passion and determination. Whatever I do, I do my best. Let’s just keep on.

June 2017, I found COGY on youtube. It was eye-opening to me. Something clicked me. I saw a great opportunity, which I didn’t clearly know what it was. I contacted the people who posted this video. 6 months later, I raised fund and purchased a sample so that we can try and see what it really is. (In order to do this, I had to make myself as a area distributor.)

The result was much more than I imagined. It really brighten up people. Not only riders, but bystanders, too. I became more and more curious. It’s been 3 years now, since I started working with COGY.

Shortly after, I also found, the early stage of COGY development was mostly done in the area where the tsunami damage was the worst. I was glad with my decision back in 2011, not to donate, and to do something else instead, which I did not know what that was.

November 2019, I had to make a decision. Shall I quit introducing COGY. If no, how can I make it work. It was about issues between the manufacturer. If I cannot be confident for the users, I cannot sell the product. I should not be introducing this equipment.

But COGY already have a fan base. It is not a great idea to give up now. Rather, I am not allowed to stop this now. We have to come up with the solution.

During the process of planning to solution, I realised, my real motivation is far bigger than I usually explain to others. It’s too big to sound serious. Then I don’t usually explain. But, maybe, now is the time to explain.

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