What's COGY?


COGY, cycling chair, does not use electricity. User has to use their own legs to move. But on COGY, the slightest amount of strength is enough to pedal. Therefore even the people who cannot stand, can pedal.

Why can I pedal?


There are mainly 2 reasons why pedalling COGY is so easy. One is mechanical design (gear etc). 2nd is the idea of activating CPG. There are some reports on EMG analysis on COGY.

Each COGY, each story

Manuele's COGY adventure

COGY is an interesting equipment. It changes the role depending on Riders. It's almost like a clever dog. They are gentle to a baby, they are a little stronger and vibrant to an energetic kid. They are gentle when we are sick, they are fun to be with when we are well.
It's your turn to make your story, with your COGY.


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