Low-Key Fitness Instruction

not for fitness freaks, more for couch potatoes.

online or wherever suits you within auckland area (red part on this map)

First session

60 mins session. 20 mins interview + 30 mins assessment (light exercise) + 10 mins follow-up discussion, followed by email feedback / lifestyle ideas.


Follow-up sessions

30 mins session x1 (Need to be after finishing the first timer assessment session). Wherever/whenever suits you.


3x sessions

First session + 2 follow up sessions. Valid for 2 months from the first session.


10x Sessions

First session + 9x follow up sessions. Valid for 6 months from the first session date.


Not sure???

We provide free video chat to see if you click with us ;-)
skype, messenger, line, Facetime etc


Cycling on a Chair

How about sending a gift of an eye opening experience?

(additional cost may apply for outside "Auckland")

First day with a Cycling chair

1 hour session for a rider and supporters. We'll bring a cycling chair and accessories to wherever suits you.


Cycling on a chair

1 hour sessions for a rider and supporters. We'll bring a cycling chair and accessories to wherever suits you (Auckland wide)

NDZ 100 +GST

3x Sessions

Package of 3 sessions. Most of the times, pedalling rapidly improves in the first 2-3 sessions. 


COGY Club Invitation card.

This invitation card will support your loved one for friendly experience with people with similar conditions.



"Lov Hav Fun" Private Magic Sessions

-finding it hard to practice the routine every day, wanting to improve

-communication through atypical methods

-Aphasia, stroke, ASD, general non-verbal conditions

-human sitting with creative initiatives

-music, art, games, exercises

  auckland area (red part on this map)i

Initial consultation

60 mins

online: Free

off-line (visit): NZD70 +GST

Magic session/

Personal settings

One on one session


for a 60 mins visit.

Magic session /

Group settings

together with friends, siblings, neighbours etc


for a 60 mins visit.

10x Sessions

Valid for 6 months from the first session date.



Group settings


How about setting 1 afternoon (or morning) for COGY experiences?

Stroke, MS, Parkinson's etc

How about having COGY at one of your regular social meetings? Your members will take turn and have fun on it, with Koko's song.

Residential Facilities

Respite facilities, Residential care facilities, Rest homes. 
Invite Cycling Chairs for an afternoon (or morning) for your residents/users' entertainment.


Cycling Chair Rental

Rental service will be offered only after finishing the first session (see above).

Additional cost will apply for accessories (other than higher handle set).

(additional cost may apply for outside "Auckland")

1 day

$70 +GST

3 days 

Up to 72 hours
(e.g.Friday midday to Monday midday)  
$150 +GST

10 days

e.g.1 week including both weekend
$350 +GST

1 month

$600 +GST


Cycling Chair Maintenance/coaching

Excludes: -parts cost, -cost to pay to bicycle shop, if needed.

(additional cost will apply for outside "Auckland")

Regular maintenance

Most basic checks. (mainly for users with no family support)

-tyre pressure check

-chain tension adjustment

-brake/steering wires check

$70 +GST


Items in "regular maintenance" plus

-caster wheel cleaning

-chain cleaning

-general cleaning

1 visit = $100 + GST

Bike shop run

We understand some of you have difficulties bringing your chair to bike shops, or getting tools/materials from DIY shops.

1 run =

($20 start) + (milage to the shop)

+ (Chair transport $40) +GST

Online consultation

If you are not sure after checking our resources (youtube, blog etc), we are happy to arrange a video conversation.

$20 +GST / 30 mins

Cycling chair coaching

We found, many chair cyclists pedal much more efficiently after coaching sessions. 

1 visit = $100 +GST (60 mins)

Supporter workshop

Make the most of your cycling chair experience by familiarise your supporters to cycling chairs.

1 visit = $100 +GST (60 mins)

Online workshop

$100 +GST (60 mins)

Online drop-ins

We organise FREE online drop-in sessions to answer your questions, guiding you to appropriate resources.

Keep your eyes on facebook.com/gogocogy