Our motivation

We are Magicians.

Clothes Line

Life is full of boring tasks. Why don't we make it into fun, if we have to get them done anyway? We are magicians, changing literally anything into fun.

Low key fitness?

School Children

Koko herself used to be the worst student in the class at PE. During one year in intermediate, PE teacher challenged us, to make 4 teams for volleyball games, without any of her suggestions. Koko ended up with being in a team of worst 6 players. The team has to spend time in the PE class anyway. How can they make it more pleasant? Koko tried her best to laugh, smile, encourage team mates, make noises, high-five for nothing. PE teacher said to Koko at the end of the term, "your team mates all enjoyed this term, more than ever. Thank you"

Recreation = human rights

Smiling Friends

We talk about "Healthy recreation". For lower key populations, not many activity options are readily popular, unfortunately. However, it is possible with our "Lov Hav Fun" magic, including the use of Cycling Chairs.


How can we help you?

Individual sessions

Child In Speech Therapy

Including but not limited to fitness instruction. Talk about what you want to achieve/change/start, and let's decide if we can be any help. Remember, we are magician "Lov Hav Fun"
-communication through atypical methods. aphasia, autism, general non-verbal conditions
-music, art, game, exercise, anything with atypical methods.

Collaborators welcome

Decorating easter Eggs

We are always open for new inspirations. Come along to one of our group activities, online or off-line, to have a chat with us. Life is short, let's try everything we think will be fun.

Access to Cycling Chairs

Teenage Boy on Mobile Phone

We'll help you access Cycling Chair activities.
-group/individual activities
-importing process


Much Ado about Cycling Chairs

What's a Cycling Chair?


A cycling chair, usually does not use electricity. User has to use their own legs to move. But, the slightest amount of strength is enough to pedal. Therefore even the people who cannot stand, can pedal.

Why can I pedal?


There are mainly 2 reasons why pedalling cycling chairs is so easy. One is mechanical design (gear etc). 2nd is the idea of activating CPG. There are some reports on EMG analysis on a cycling chair.

Each Cycling Chair, each story

Manuele's COGY adventure

A Cycling Chair changes the role depending on Riders. It's almost like a clever dog. They are gentle to a baby, they are a little stronger and vibrant to an energetic kid. They are gentle when we are sick, they are fun to be with when we are well.
It's your turn to make your story, with a cycling chair.