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5 findings through our 4 years' Early Bird stage.

Updated: Mar 4


Maintenance is easier for some people than for others.

-riders need to have someone to bring the chair to the bike shop.

-some people are handier than others.

-some people do not have sufficient access to video instructions.

-a mindset as a cyclists (more than as a person in special need) makes maintenance easier.

>> We’ll introduce support package to help those who need assist for maintenance.


Half of the Cycling Chair population needs decent amount of Induction.

-Some people gain soft joints after a few sessions of Cycling Chair.

-Some people understand the pedal motion only after a few sessions.

-Some people enjoy Cycling only together with songs, which is synchronised (which means live-tailor made) to their pedalling.

-all the users have their own way of their favourite ways how to use a Cycling Chair, and it took them a few sessions or more to find, which will affect whether or not they need certain modifications.

-80% of the people have problem steering, without appropriate introduction.

>> We’ll introduce Cycling Chair activity sessions into the package:

-induction training programme -initial training in the use of your new Cycling Chair, after purchase. -ongoing coaching


Only once a month of Cycling Chair activity can benefit many people.

There are population who do not need their own. We’d like to establish the environment where people can casually have access to Cycling Chairs.

-rental option at popular exercise spots

-rental option at museums

-Cycling Chair Hubs

-Public sharing system through QR code operation

>> We’ll collaborate with other sectors to achieve above examples.


Riders will need peer suport to keep on the activities.

>> We’ll support users to build a strong Cycling Chair Community.


Cycling Chair needs certain environment to be made the most of.

-physical support to the riders (5 minutes to help adjusting, 1 second to push from behind, 10 seconds to keep eyes when going up the slope)

-encouraging attitude vs please stay still so that no one has to do extra work for you

-where to ride. Wheel accessible walkway, curbs, slopes, maintained flat surface, healthy scenery

>> We’ll keep on advocating on Cycling Chair culture.

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