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definition of Wheelchair Dance

I actually do not like dancing (as a person in standing posture), unless I’m on COGY..

I went and joined a social meeting among post stroke people. They get together once a month for game, music, lunch. I sometimes visit their meeting with my COGYs so that people can have a ride and have fun.

There was a musician this month. He is not a post stroke, he was there as an entertainer. His singing was actually super good, but, it’s hard to tell the audience’s reaction. Most of them are over 65. Many of them have damaged parts of the brain function after stroke. Not all of them have emotional expression on their face.

I would feel uncomfortable keep on singing in front of bunch of quiet people. Then whenever musicians are there, I try moving around on COGY (a cycling chair) to bring the mood up.

This time, there was a lady in a powered chair, who seems to be enjoying the music. Her body was swinging, she was looking at me with her smile on her face. Then my cheekiness swelled up, I decided to ask her to dance with me.

Just like a dance hall of a night club, just like a man who spotted a pretty lady, I pedalled up to her, swinging with the music, eyes on hers, showing the intention to engage.

When I got very close, I also said with my voice “I’m asking you ;-)”. She said “I know :-) ” with smile, and started to operate the joystick to move her chair.

I was so so impressed with the way she operates her chair. Turn around to right and left, going forward and backward, zigzag and curve. She does it in a way to enhance the music!! I tried to sometimes copy her, follow her, sometimes lead her… As I said at the beginning, I don’t like dancing, I am aware that I am a terrible dancer. But this was fun. Real fun.

After the whole meeting, I went to the lady to send my acknowledge. “Thank you for dancing with me. I hope I wasn’t too pushy..” The lady said “Not at all! I used to dance, till 15 years ago” “?? But you do dance now?”

“I don’t feel encouraged to dance on the chair (among standing people).

It was fun. You made my day, thank you”

This made my day, too.

Has anyone took a video of us dancing around?? That must have been cute

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