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initial settlement (on factory new Cycling Chairs)

After a certain amount of pedalling, we’ll see results of “initial settlement”.

There are mainly 2 points.

1 is chain tension getting loose.

2 is the differential gear system settlement.

Chain tension initial stretch.

After a certain amount of very first pedalling, the chain become loose.

Tighten it up, and after that, the chain tension won’t change as much.

We need 5mm Allan Key for tightening the chain.



You’ll find a screw head on the bottom side of the chain area. Turn left to tighten the chain, turn right to loosen the chain, which is opposite of usual screw process.

How long till the initial stretch completes?

It depends on the usage. (How long, how far, how string etc). Check the chain after 3 days, then 1 week, then every week till you see the settlement.

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