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Tips for outdoor pedalling


-find the best path to get to where you want to go. Sometimes, we find an easier slope 5m further. look 30 sec forward.

-where we find yellow blocks for blind people are usually the safest point to go through.

-when you are stuck, pedal back and forward, using your whole pelvis/weight.

-when going up the curb, make sure not to "pull (nor push)" the steering handle.

Pulling (or pushing) the steering handle will make the rear wheel into an angle,

which will stop the chair from going over the curb. (video).

-try to have the front 2 main wheels on the same level. When you find a dent smaller than the chair width, have it in the middle so that 2 main wheels will be outside of the dent, and it will be relatively easy to go over the dent if it only affects the rear wheel

-You will often hear spring noise. This comes from the assist wheel in front, which makes riding over a slight step (curb etc) easier.

This boy's adventure video may give you a little bit of idea on outdoor pedalling.

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