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A little thing we can do towards SDGs -Let's share your favourite place on google map.

This will help other people including the typical wheelchair users, to be sure with wheel accessibilities.

1)take good photos.

Selfie always draw attention. Make sure COGY is visible in the photo.

2)search the place on google maps.


3)add a photo

scroll down on the information of the place till you see “add a photo” >> upload photos.

4)write a review (optional)

scroll down till you see “write a review” >> write a review. example = Perfect for buggies, cycling chairs, wheelchairs etc, wheelie equipment with walking speed

5) let Koko know. (optional)

email to lovhavfun@gmail.com so that Koko can add the place to

a) google map "wheel friendly walking routes"

b) MapMyRun route (example)

6) How many views??


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