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"18 months, 3 years, 6 years and 12 years,

These are children’s age when they tend to experience huge change in development”, according to a mum of a daughter with a neurological condition.

One of her hospital-friend’s daughter used to need full-time care, till she experienced dramatic development at the age of 12, and there is no more visible difference from other typical kids, no need to go to hospital like before neither.

I see.

This makes sense with what happened to people I saw. I have not had any chance to witness the change on 18 months old and 3 years old, but 6-ish years old and 12-ish years old, definitely yes.

As for 6 years old, I thought this is because of the government system. Kids have to “graduate” their early childhood services at 6yo. Services available after that tend not to be age and size appropriate.

They also start to go to school. The chair-desk bound time become much much longer. “Health and safety” restriction can be bigger, which keeps the child within the safety zone, without much adventure opportunities.

We often see the cases, a child, who were capable to walk at the age of 3, somehow end up on a wheelchair by the age of 12.

All the reasons I thought of are for declining. and I witnessed mainly the decline examples. However, this person witnessed developing example.

Then I realised. Yes, I know one example. This girl was 6 yo when I got to know her. She could walk short distance using a walking frame, however she had to tightly hold onto the frame.

A year later when I saw her, she was capable to walk, only if she is touching my hand with one of her hands. I was so surprised. When many other kids are going back on the track and becoming dependent on wheelchairs, this girl showed an opposite example, a hopeful example.

Is this common?

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