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COGY and a dog. What's in common?

COGY is an interesting equipment. It changes the role depending on user's ability. It's almost like a clever dog. They are gentle to a baby, they are a little stronger and vibrant to an energetic kid. They are gentle when we are sick, they are fun to be with when we are well.

Stationary bike

Some people use COGY instead of stationery bike (exer-cycle), as an exercise tool. There are difference between exer-cycle and COGY. They stimulates different muscle groups. For some people, exer-cycle is easier, for others, COGY is easier. Bronwyn is one of the examples.

Bronwyn had a brain injury decades ago. She used to have an exer-cycle at home, but gave it up. She found, every time she pedals on exer-cycle, her leg becomes tight and starts to catch the movement after a few minutes. Then she has to stop pedalling and wait until her legs becomes soft again. That's frequent enough to discourage her from pedalling.

Bronwyn tried COGY, expecting she may experience the same problem. But she did not. She also liked that transferring onto COGY is safer than transferring herself onto exer-cycle.

Another example is this young lady.

With muscular dystrophy, she has to be very careful not to damage any muscle (because muscle will not recover for people with muscular dystrophy). It is also very important for people with muscular dystrophy to keep fit. Heart is also made with muscles. In order to keep the heart healthily going, regular exercise is necessary. She has been walking with walking frame (and 2 carers) for a long time.

Walking was getting quite hard for her those days, then she took COGY in her routines.

stick/walking frame/wheelchair

let's see this video. This is an example of hemiplegia after a stroke. Use of typical wheelchair is hard (He actually hurt the foot on his good side by kicking the floor when he was on a wheelchair). On the other hand, they can pedal and control easily on COGY.

COGY substitute for wheelchair very well, especially in a wheelchair friendly environment (rest home, hospital, shopping mall etc)

Some of the people who walk with walking frames or sticks, have problem when they walk in a busy environment. Or not confident for long distance. In these cases, COGY will encourage them for going extra mile. There are no fear for fall. If they become tired, they are already on a chair, they can just stop pedalling and take a break. This person on the video has done Round The Bays Auckland (8.4km fun walk/pedal) on COGY.

He uses a stick when he walks, just in case. I mean, he is not a person who cannot walk. But a crowded condition like Round The Bays is not safe for him. He also wants to enjoy laughing and talking on the course rather than feeling nervous all the way. COGY did a great job letting him have a very good day-out.

Another example is this young man. He is a powered chair user. He also completed Round The Bays on COGY.

Please also check how he rides over curbs. You will hear spring noise. This comes from the front support wheel. Because of this support wheel, riders do not have to be nervous about dents and bumps on the road. The possibility of tipping over is much lower than electric scooters/powered chairs.


Trike is very popular to wheelchair users as an exercise/adventure option.

The differences between trikes and COGY are:


A trike goes much faster than COGY. Trike's speed/power is close to bicycle, where COGY is close to walking. Therefore, trike is not usually allowed indoor (supermarket etc). COGY is considered as pedestrian, then it is allowed inside supermarkets etc.


COGY is more compact than trike. In order to bring to family vacation, you need trailer for trike, but you don't for COGY. Here is how COGY fits into a hatch.


This boy cannot pedal trike. It is too heavy for him. He needs someone to push the trike from behind. His family was amazed when he tried COGY for his first time.

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