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Pros of listening to our own body.

A post stroke man's feedback after having a go on COGY

“I can tell I am using both legs, not that my good leg does all the work and the weak leg just be pulled. It’s very different from when I rode a trike (at Avanti dome in Cambridge).

(Summarised by Koko)”

I, with an un-paralysed body, don’t notice some of the striking effect of COGY, like above.

There are academic reports showing this, too. The EMG (Electromyography) tells the slightly controlled movement on paralysed side, not only the un-paralysed side.

For me as an amateur, this is not surprising at all, thinking of what we feel on our body. However, among western medicine specialists, it is considered to be unbelievable and tend to be dismissed.

So far, COGY benefits those who like listening to their body, such as this person who talked on the above video.

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