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Assembling COGY

Depending on how you arranged, the COGY may arrive in a huge cardboard box (about 1x1x1m).

Here below are the initial settings we usually do before delivery.

(pump up the tyres / caster wheels check / individual numbered sticker / seat belt / steering unit / re-setting brake lever upside-down / brake tension / chain tension / other accessories / test / 2 presents on arm rest / instruction manual / COGY.net needs date and number / other tips)

(you will need the tool written in blue)

0) Taking COGY out of box

Make a wide space (2x6mm will be great. but at least 1.5x2m). Cut out the cello tape on top of the box, and open. Take out smaller boxes. Some of them have cushion/instruction manual etc. Some are empty.

Please make sure they are empty before you throw them away.You may want to keep the box if only you have space.


Tip over the box and drag COGY out.

Wheels and crank may be stuck into the bottom cardboard structure. Check if it takes too much effort to take COGY out. You may want to use blanket etc on the floor to avoid damaging both floor and COGY. The huge plastic bag, wrapping COGY up, may be useful later on for dust/rain protection.

Factory fresh COGY includes a very basic Allen key. However, we (Koko with COGY) supply all COGY with more user friendly Allen key. Another is seat belt. A standard COGY do not come with a seat belt, but we supply seat belt to all COGY distributed from us.

1) Pump up tyres

(Tip) Refer the table on right for appropriate pressure for each tyre. (read more in a blog article)


2) Caster height check.

Make sure they are 15-20mm from the floor level (With rider on, tyres usually sink down a little and caster height is going to be lower than it is without a rider). Caster should not drag ground/floor while pedalling straight on smooth, even and flat surface. This may happen when the caster height is lower than 10mm.

(door stopper for height measurement)

In the photo on right, the height is about 7mm, which should be adjusted higher.

For adjusting, take the screw out, using an Allen key. Take the caster wheel out together with the shaft. You will see 2 other holes. Choose the appropriate hole, and tighten the screw again. If the caster wheel is still too low, contact info@cogy.net for replacement shaft. (Special shafts can be adjusted higher for another 1.5cm)

(We recommend checking caster wheels on earlier stage than numbered COGY sticker process. In case the caster height is not high/low enough, we still have a choice to take another new unit instead.)

(5mm Allen key)

3) Individual Number sticker

Take off the COGY sticker from factory and COGY+Number sticker on instead.

(Tip for tidy finish)

The numbered sticker is a little wider than the factory made sticker. In order for tidier finish, please cut off the excess, leaving the corner round (instead of sharply edged).

(scissors, smooth cloth without fluff)

4) Attach seat belt.

You will need big washers x4 (2 each R&L side)(outer 20mm, inner 7mm diameter), 6mm cap screw (5mm hex head) x 35-40mm length x2. Instead, you will have left over cap screws (6mm x 35mm) x2.

Undo the bottom screw out of 2 screws on the base of arm rest. Attach seat belt and secure with bigger washers and longer screws.

(5mm Allen key, 10mm spanner)

(1x big washer is for compensating the huge hole on the metal plate on seat belt side. You may want another washer or more on each R&L side, because, the folded belt has thickness and you may want to use washers to gain the thickness to balance it out.)

5) Attach Steering unit

on preferable side (R or L).

(5mm Allen key)

6) Brake lever arrange

Reset to the position upside down if that’s better. Here is the hint.

Wire will be too long after making it upside down. Secure the excess length onto frame using double sided velcro etc.

(more variation)

(5mm Allen key)

7) Brake wire tension

Step 6) will most likely make the brake wire tension out of balance. Please check the tension and adjust, according to this article.

(10mm spanner, pliers)

8) Chain tension check.

(How to adjust?)

(5mm Allen key)

9) Assemble other accessories.

10) Test

(In case you will deliver COGY to the new user) if you can ride for 10m to test pedalling and steering, that would be great. But please make sure you won’t touch the surface with your skin or dusty bottom etc, to take off shoes or add surface protection onto pedal when you pedal. this is for hygiene and for fresh feeling.

11) Hang these on an arm rest

-A user friendly Allen key + elastic band

-COGY cards in small zipped plastic bag + elastic

12) Instruction manual

-write down the serial number (HT-xxxxxxx) on the designated space on the 2nd page.

-advisor/distributor sticker on the back, so that user knows who to contact.

-put it into A4 zipped plastic bag, together with COGY stickers, digest manual etc.

13) Share info with distributor

-no need for basic Allen key > discard

-keep the serial number sticker (it is often packed together with the basic Allen key, in a very small zipped plastic bag, attached onto the bubble wrapping of pedals). Write clients name and assemble date on the back, keep it in the small plastic bag which had an Allen key in it >> report to info@cogy.net to secure the warrant.

14) Others

Common trouble on the very first week.

COGY makes clicking noise?? (6mm Allen key)

Other arrange and tip videos

(brake lever instalment idea / front steering bar / handle (back rest) height adjustment / seat tension adjustment / height and angle of steering unit / foot drops off because of the ankle control / adjustment for small children / leg strap )

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