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Chest Belt instalment

Check if your belt has a loop on each end. We set the belt onto the backrest, using these loops.

Check which height you want the belt to be.

Place the backrest mesh cushion on appropriate height so that the slits (to place the chest belt through) will be on the preferable height.

If the cushion does not have slits, use a pair of scissors to make them.

(If you like making everything very tidy, decide which side of the belt is in/out. We usually look at the buckle to decide.)

Insert the loop end to the slit, from front to back.

From behind the chair, decide which velcro is on the same height as the chest belt.

Undo the velcro completely.

When Inserting the velcro strap through the loop,

fold the velcro to make the hook area inside, so that the hook won't catch the belt fabric and fluff up.

Insert the velcro strap through the other loop.

Insert the velcro strap through the O shaped plastic part, and stick to secure.

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