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COGY assembly -more tips for maniacs ; -)

"assembling COGY"

Useful tools & materials

for Assemble.

-door stopper for caster height measurement

-double sided velcro



-lighter (to melt the edge of elastic)

-vinyl tape

-big cello tape

-small zipped plastic bags

-non slippery mat

Serial Number

S/N sticker is placed under the seat.

This number is different from Individual Number on the frame, close to pedal cranks, together with COGY logo.

S/N is important when claiming warrant, together with the assembly date.

Brake lever instalment variation

-standard or upside-down

-twist or not

-squeeze or other

Standard or upside-down

Steering grip is made from 2 layered structure. By re-arrange the outer grip upside-down, it's possible to bring the wire underneath so that it won't be on the way when our hand wants to reach the grip.

Squeeze or other

By completely loosening the 2 screws in the right photo, indicated in blue, we can take the brake lever off and set it anywhere else. For some users, squeezing is difficult to perform. How about setting the lever onto an arm rest, so that the rider can just push it to use brake. Some users don't need the brake lever at all, if only we have parking brake. It's also possible to take it completely off, and store the grip part underneath of the seat, securing with cello tape, double-sided-velcro etc. (more detail on another article)

Twist or not

Standard setting of grip structure disengages the twisting movement from steering. This is for not causing strain on shoulder when push/pull the handle. However, this structure confuses some users, too.

By reducing the gap of metal plate and grip, we can stop the grip from twisting. Use of extra rubber sheet in this gap works, too.

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