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Crotch belt

Updated: May 25, 2020

Our crotch belt is designed not to give unwanted pressure onto users.

Versatile to fit most of the chair shaped structure.

(ex. wheelchairs, dining chairs, buggy, recumbent vehicle)

Email info@cogy.net for detail.

Uni-Size, $200 (AUD/NZD) (+GST) (+ delivery)

It is common to find our bottom gradually slide forward while on a chair. This belt secure the bottom position, for safety, comfort and postural health.

Suits most of the population (7yo to adult).

The thinnest part on the width is approximately 15cm.

length of the fabric part is about 45cm.

Soft and durable material for everyday use.

Attach 2 loops onto the chair using double sided velcro (optional purchase available) etc.

There are 2 lengths on the loop to choose.

After rider sit on, pull up the front part and secure the belt behind the chair at the buckle.

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