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Directional Cable replacement

Updated: Jan 11

If it snaps, it will need replacement.

Send the photo/videos of the broken part to your COGY informant and ask for advice.

Most of the time, it will be only one of 2 wires which snaps. However, the other wire may be also getting worn. There may be any other part which is also worn out and better to be replaced at this chance. You may want to bring the chair to the bike shop first and ask them to check what else will be needed.

As for the cable, they seem very similar to standard cable available from bike shops, but unfortunately they won't work. You'll need the particular cable from your local COGY informant. It is actually possible to go to a vehicle brake parts workshop and ask them to make it special, but you need luck as well as the cost.

Other information needed when getting the spare parts

When asking for a replacement cable, make sure to tell them the serial number, too. Cycling Chair has a history. The cable spec is different depending on the manufacture date. Don't forget to tell them the size (L or M or S) of the chair, too.

The serial number is on the sticker located under the seat, inside the frame. It usually starts with "HT-B" followed by a 8 digit number.

Take this as a maintenance reminder

Other points to check at this chance are below. You may need replacement parts on these, too.

-Brake wire. Is this looking healthy?

-Tires. Do they still have good tread?

-Are the tire tread worn even? >> If not even, you may want to check why that happens.

-Are the caster wheels healthy?

After you receive the replacement parts

If you know anyone who is good at bike maintenance, then he/she will be able to do this job. Otherwise, please bring the chair to your favourite bike shop together with the replacement parts.

(Detailed instruction for directional cable maintenance)

How not to need wire replacement too often

In the first place, don't FORCE the steering handle to turn. If it is heavy, it means,

1) you need more pedalling while pedalling. or

2) Tyre, especially the rear tyre needs to be pumped up, or

3) the parts inside the steering cup is damaged, or

4) the wire has too much tension.

1) you need more pedalling

COGY is with Heavy-Steering system, instead of Power-Steering, like vehicles from 50 years ago. Always start from using legs, not arms.

The very common mistake for the beginner is, to start steering from the first second of the day 1. We recommend not to use direction control (instead, someone around you will be able to help you with direction) until you become confident to pedal and sing a song at the same time. Till then, keep pedalling straight forward, and backward. By doing this, you won't forget to pedal when you want to steer.

This video explains the essential points on your first day with COGY, including the steering tip.

2) Tyre, especially the rear tyre needs to be pumped up?

Tips for pumping up tyres.

3) the parts inside the steering cup is damaged?

You may find the wire sticking out instead of nicely placed inside. the black coloured screw in front is for keeping the wire ends inside so that they won't touch the cup from inside bother the steering.

These 2 column may be damaged after hard steerings. Ask your COGY informant for spare.

4) the wire is too tense?

How to adjust.

For easier steering, other than "remembering to pedal!!"

Handle position makes a huge difference. Many people find it easier to steer when the grip is closer to the middle of their body rather than side. In order to make the angle adjustment easy, this option will work good.

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