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Essential tools

To enjoy your life with COGY, there are some tools better (or necessary) to have.

Essential for any COGY users:

1. 5mm Allen key

2. air pump

For Allen keys, choose one with good grip and ball shape at the end of longer arm.

For an air pump, choose a pump with simple structure. You may want to bring in COGY to the retail store and check if it works, especially for the rear wheel. The one in the photo is from CraftRight brand from Bunnings, costing about NZD15.

For common adjusting:

3. screw driver, Phillips

4. spanner 8mm

You will need these for adjusting the back rest hight. You will see the bolt&nut underneath of the black fabric. Try holding the screw driver side STILL (instead of twisting). Ratcheted spanner speeds up the job.

back rest hight adjustment

For more adjusting:

5. spanner 10mm

6. pliers

You will need these when

-adjusting the brake wire tension

-undoing the seat belt attachment (COGYs in Australasia have seat belt as standard, which is not the case in other areas) (you need a 10mm spanner and an Allen key)

(These tools are necessary for the initial assembling before delivery)

These above does most of the job.

Having these in compact and easy-to-carry shape will increase the speed.

7. Allen key 6mm

8. lubricant oil

9. metric Allen key set

In case of clicking noise,

1) try this trick with 6mm Allen key. If you are not muscly, you may want a good Allen key.

If this does not solve the problem,

2) wash the wheel/axle/gear structure with good splash of hose water, dry, and oil.

A metric Allen key set will be useful for further detailed maintenance. One example is adjusting steering wires inside the black steering cup.

10. 7mm spanner

7mm spanner is for inside structure of the steering cup. After about a year of usage, some users may find the steering heavier than it used to be. You may need to replace the column inside the steering cup using 7mm spanner.

11. locktite

It is very rare for nuts or screws to be loosen and get un-done. When it happens, locktite will prevent it happen again. Locktite is blue coloured liquid. we apply to the tread of screw and/or nut (and wait until dry), to make the combination less likely to be loose again.

12. thin spanner

or alternative (thin metal plate with a cut out) is for caster wheels (only needed for assembling before the delivery)

It is handy to have them all in one place. You may also want to add scissors, masking tape, measuring tape, pen etc.

For more:

Crank extraction kit

-8mm Allen key

-14mm wrench(?)

-crank extractor for bicycle

(only for keen experimenters)

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