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Is there any way I can make COGY narrower?

The door at my work is not very wide. I have difficulty as steering system often stuck. Is there any way I can make COGY narrower?

To make the steering part stick out less? Yes.

(photos on linkedin )


by arranging the spacer, you may be able to narrow in 2 cm.



By arranging the steering unit angle



You may want to make it higher so that it won’t bang your leg when pedal.


set the steering bar in the middle is another way. However, You may want to arrange a different type of clamp ($18(NZD)+GST+Shipping_cost, from COGY.net) on the neck of the steering unit, so that you don’t have to use Allen key every time.


For all above, having a good allen key is the key. the Allen key comes with COGY is not suitable for most people unless you have extremely good muscle.


Practice a lot and find the best timing to steer so that it will make the width least when the widest point go through the narrowest point of the door.

For more, refer youtube playlist “COGY Adjustments

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