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Rocking on COGY

It's OK to just rock forward-backward. Your body and brain are learning the movement.

COGY goes very well with any 4 beat music.

-row row row your boat

-do you want to build a snowman (from "Frozen")

-we built this city

-que sera sera

Not sure how to pedal?

Ask someone to push-pull the chair on a 4 beat music. Here is an example video. After a while, you'll get the feeling and will be able to pedal by yourself.

Use your trunk, rather than just legs.

-swing your body back-forward

-swing your body left-right

-twist your body (at belly button, or pelvis) to left-right

-lift up the bottom (almost) off the seat alternatively left-right

Keep the movement till you have enough momentum to pedal further.

It's OK to keep rocking for ages. Your body and brain are getting used to the movement.

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