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Unwanted parts

You may not want the steering handle grip to be on the standard position (in case rider does not steer by themselves. example). Or you may not want the silver coloured flat bar neither.

These parts are easily detachable by undoing the screws indicated in pink and blue arrow in the photo. Keep the small parts (screws etc) in a zipped plastic bag etc so that you won’t lose them.

There are some tips for disassembling the pink part.

The screw on the bottom is independent from the rubbery grip part. If you twist the screw without holding the upper part, screw will not be undone. Instead, the core column part twists.

Hold the core part with your finger etc so that the screw will actually be undone when you use an Allen key at the bottom screw.

When detached from the silver coloured bar, you will see these parts. Store them (in the zipped plastic bag of instruction manual etc) so that you can find it easily in case you need them later on.

Secure the unwanted parts under the seat etc, where the part won’t be on the way when using COGY. Chose the best spot for your case. Frame, velcro structure etc. Make sure it won’t bother pedalling, steering, parking brake etc. You may want to use cello tape, double side velcro, string etc to secure the place. make sure any wire do not touch any of the wheels.

Please check the brake wire tension. It may have to be looser or tighter. Spin the rear wheel when it is not touching anything. (if it does not spin well, then you have to loosen the wire). Squeeze the brake lever (which you secured onto frame etc just now). (if the rear wheel does not stop, then you have to tighten the wire.)

Undo the screw facing the wheel-side (inside), sitting in the place indicated in red. You will need 10mm spanner. Adjust the tension, then tighten the screw again. You may want to have pliers handy to hold the wire.

To tighten the wire, aim the direction indicated in orange colour, but make sure it is not too tight. To loosen, aim the green colour instead.

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