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When COGY makes clicking noise.

Most of the time, it’s because of the sand etc stuck into bearing structures.

However, please check the below golden list first.

-tyre pressure

-chain tension

COGY needs your love. Without your care,

some COGY can be very stubborn and insist to behave badly,

even with mechanically reasonable conditions, for some reason..

If it still clicks, here below are the options for solution:

Option 1:

Try this trick

to all 3 (or 4, depending on the model) points.


Make sure parts are positioned correctly when tighten the screw again.

Option 2:

Wash with splash water

from a hose, and dry. Then oil.

Make sure the water have good pressure when washing COGY.

(Otherwise, the sand hiding inside the structure won’t be washed off)

Option 3:

Completely take off the screws mentioned in option 1,

clean the parts with clean cloth

(I like using the cloth to clean the glasses), and assemble them back.

It would be great if bearings oiled at this chance.

But try not to oil the XX part (see the drawing)

Option 4:

If you are not confident for doing Option 3,

Bring COGY to a bike shop

and ask them to clean the bearings.

Option 5:

Keep oiling

the bearing point regularly (e.g. every second use).

Sometimes, the clicking noise disappear after 5-10 times oiling.


Here are some examples of actual noise.


https://youtu.be/TnyzXEjNqrE >> solved by washing and drying and oiling.

https://youtu.be/mJU7j9xuKL4 >> solved by cleaning the bearing parts with cloth


https://youtu.be/jtPmnjGwoPQ >> solved by regular oiling.

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