Cycling is a Magic

on a CHAIR

Cycling for non athlete, for more of couch potatoes.

It's for FUN,  and for EVERYONE.

We talk about Cycling Chairs in general. However, most of the data/experiences are based on COGY.

Join your local Cycling Chair activities

Your local Cycling Chair Magicians will welcome you to the cycling chair activities. Have a session or 2, and you are already our community member.

-individual sessions/group sessions

-free or with charge

1)Pacific 2)Japan 3)Rest of east and south-east Asia 4)Middle east, India 

5)Europe 6)Africa 7)South America 8)North America

Want to bring it to your family holiday?

Rental option may be available in your area. Ask your local Cycling Chair Magician for details. 
-1 day
-3 days (weekend)
-10 days (2 weekends)
-1 month

Want to cycle every day?

You fell in love with the experience and want to use it every day? Want to have your own? 
In some areas, we only have limited access to Cycling Chair usage. Ask your Magician if they know anyone who will help you with purchasing process. Let your MP know if they don't know about this cycling chair culture.

I'm shy. I just want to see what others are doing.

Find your local cycling chair activities on social media, go and have a sneak peek.

facebook / instagram 

Search "cycling chair" "COGY" etc.

and you'll find your people.

You'll find examples on

Youtube, too.

I'm afraid, in case I won't be able to pedal . . .

We are a huge network all over the world, sharing the experiences and examples, case by case. Let us know your size and condition, have a chat on Messenger, then we will give you a clear idea.

Your size =(height, weight) 

Condition= How you sit, stand up etc.

A video showing how you transfer from a chair to another will be the best.

May I try as a group?

That's a great idea especially if you are a student. Ask your school therapists/teachers to get in touch with your local Cycling Chair Magician.


"Count me in!"

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