How come can I pedal?

A cycling chair does not use electricity. User has to use their own legs to move. But the slightest amount of strength is enough to pedal. There are mainly 2 reasons why pedalling Cycling Chairs is so easy. One is mechanical design (gear etc). 2nd is the idea of activating CPG.


Central Pattern Generator

In case of repetitive movement like walking or chewing, once the action starts, it keeps on by CPG circuit, without signal from brain. When we walk, the CPG in the spinal cord generates the signals from one leg to the other. Many cycling chairs are designed to make an efficient posture for activating this CPG cycle.

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Not just FUN

As well as promoting neuroplasticity:
-cardio-vascular benefit
-improvement in strength and flexibility
-stimulate brain function for better and longer life
-emotional benefits, general wellness
-prevents osteoporosis

background stories(in Japanese)

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Each Person, Each Story

A Cycling Chair changes the role depending on user's ability & personality. It's almost like a clever dog. They are gentle to a baby, they are a little firm and vibrant to an energetic teenagers. They are gentle when we are sick, they are fun to be with when we are well.

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It's your turn

-get in touch with your local Cycling Chair Magician

-join your local COGY Club at their outings

-bring it with you to the family holiday (Rental)

-share the use in your local community (Cycling Chair Hub)

It's a culture

Cycling Chair is a brand new concept. Let's build up our own. Infrastructure, support system, and more. User-supporter community is one of them.

We'd like to share our experience, information and learn from each other to build up a strong culture.
-how to have fun
-how to maintain
-how to influence others
-bike shops who are good at maintaining cycling chairs.

We are a collective of Cycling Chair users and the supporters on the planet Earth.

Examples of Cycling Chairs

Molecules Bio

Velo Chair

Linear Abstract Pattern

Health Pedal