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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Less support, more effect. Less restriction, more creativity.

We recommend, not to use too much positioning accessories to limit the movement of the rider.

Not only because less support will leads to riders gain more strength, fitness and control. But also rider's attention goes much more various on COGY, than when they are on traditional wheelchairs. We'd love them to have flexibility for their face angle, eye sight direction, trunk direction etc. When the rider find something interesting, s/he can now safely make their own decision where to pedal. These activities are specifically possible on cycling chair, and we believe enormous amount of stimulation on rider's brain.

Common Adjustments

Hard to keep the knee position?

We recommend using stretchy bands.

A. If you have problem knees falling in, then strap each leg to chair (frame).

B. If you have problem (one of the) knee falling out, then strap that leg to the chair on the other side. Stretchy band can be shorter in case A. You may need 2 pieces (if for both knees) of stretchy band.

In case of B, carefully choose the position on the frame, so that the band does not scuff your other leg.

After a while of using the cycling chair, riders usually gain the strength and control, and won't need to strap their legs anymore. This varies among individuals. Some people graduate the leg straps in about 2 weeks.

The Leg Strap from COGY.net is made with neoprene material, with velcro to attach it to frame/legs. The Velcro will fluff up and become non-sticky after a while. If you still need the strap, using a set of buckle is a good idea. info@cogy.net if you cannot find a buckle locally.

The leg strap from COGY.net is sewed into 1 piece. In case of A, please un-do the stitch to make it into 2 pieces.

Another solution is a pommel from wheelchair posture support fabric manufacturer (APEX etc). Modification may be needed, though it is relatively simple.

Hard to grip the steering handle?

(Clockwise from left top)

1) attaching steering unit in an angle is a good idea. Quite a few people prefer this position. Undo the 2 screws at the bottom of the steering unit. Flip the unit to make an angled position and tighten with screws again.

2) By using front steering system, the rider can grab the bar and maintain the posture. This bar swings to right/left when the carer steers from behind, using a rear assistive stick. This way, the rider will naturally twist the upper body to the direction. This will also help the development of cognitive ability of direction. for more, info@cogy.net

3) Many people prefer to have steering handle closer to the middle. Making a longer plate (with thicker material, so that it won't break) and positioning it inwards will solve the problem. However, this handle will get in the way when rider transfer themselves onto the Chair. Thus, the quick clamp system (6) will make it easy to loosen the clamp and swing away the steering plate. For more, info@cogy.net

4) Do you actually need the brake lever? If it gets on your way, it is possible to take it off. In order to stop, rider only have to stop pedalling. If you don't feel safe, try this (assembling the brake lever somewhere else). Another common issue is, some people do not like the steering grip to twist for nothing. In this case, it is also possible to stop the twisting movement. If you are good at DIY, it is quite easy with an allen key. Otherwise, email info@cogy.net

5) If you have problem keep your hand on the handle grip, try making a special glove. This drawing shows the example of a fingerless glove with a piece of fabric sewed on it. It is possible just to cut 2 slits on a glove, and insert the handle grip through the slits.

6) The black steering cup is height/angle adjustable. However, it is quite energy consuming to use an allen key every time. Swap the hex screw with this quick clamp system, which we often see on bicycle seats. If you cannot source it locally, email info@cogy.net

Trunk positioning

If your trunk positioning is not enough, there are some options. Using a belt at the chest position is a simple solution. However, if you use the belt on top of whole chair, the trunk position is still not stable, especially with skinny trunk. Cut out 2 slits on the backrest cushion, so that the belt can go through the slits. This way, the chest belt will work much better. In case you want to stitch the slit (for tidier look), and want someone else to do that for you, try upholster.

Firm sponge foam is another versatile solution. Very firm 50mm sponge is found at Para Rubber (NZ) and Clark Rubber (AU). You can ask them to cut it into the certain size of pieces, or you can DIY with a bread knife. Put a piece between the armrest and the rider's body. You may want to use 2 or more layers of foam, if the rider is slim. Try not to stick out too much above the armrest line, because these excess will limit the arm movements.

Recently, trunk lateral support options which can be mounted onto the cane are available from SPEX etc.

We recommend to have less support as possible for posture stabilisation. Less support will leads to riders gain more strength, fitness and control. Thus, extending the armrest on the non-steering side is another good idea. By holding onto this, rider can keep the central posture. You will find, the steering is also easier with this extension. For more, info@cogy.net

Bottom slides forward?

This happens when the pedals are too far compared to rider's leg length/flexibility. The first solution is to use cushion on the back. Again, the firm 50mm foam sponge works well. If the bottom still slides forward, our crotch belt will help. With this crotch belt, at least, there is no fear of sliding too forward out of the seat. Though a good upright posture with straight pelvis is the best for natural pedalling, and although good posture will prevent the bottom sliding forward, we can feel safe and secure from the unwanted accidents, by using this crotch belt. For more, info@cogy.net

Head positioning

We recommend, not to use too much head positioning accessories. By having headrest, the riders view angle will be limited. When on cycling chair, rider's attention goes way more various than when they are on traditional wheelchairs. We'd love them to have flexibility for head angle, face angle, eye sight. When the rider find something interesting, s/he can now make their own decision where to pedal. These are activities specifically possible on cycling chair, and we believe riders will have enormous amount of stimulation on their brain.

COGY's backrest is adjustable to higher position. The backrest fabric is also versatile. By loosening/tightening the velcro straps on the backrest, making a "dent" to hold the head is quite possible. Combining this and neck pillow is the most common solution. The fabric based headrest (about $5-20 at online shops) will further secure the head position, but still with a little flexibility.

Head-trunk-hip-all-in-one support options are available. However, car-seating equipments usually do not work well with COGY. It is because of the seat base structure. It usually is quite thick. This will make the seat surface on cycling chair too high, making the pedal position too far. The base material is also the issue. Solid material such as plastic is not suitable for pedalling. Rider's thigh have to go up, down, sometimes pushing the seat fabric lower. It need some range of flexibility.

GoTo from FireFly is a good option. The seat base is not thick, and not rock solid. As you see, the bottom part has U shape structure, which allows rider's thigh move alternatively.

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